Framed and signed prints are available at exhibitions throughout the year.
Please see the Exhibition Page for upcoming events.
Prices for fine art prints are set for sizes, however many sizes are available but the most common sizes are listed below. Which ever size you require, even if not listed below, just contact me with details of which print and requested size.

Art work Prints
Prices of prints stated on individual artwork.

Photographic Prints(unframed)
12 x 16 in = £20.
16 x 20 in = £30. 
20 x 30 in = £40.
Square 12 x 12 in = £24.
Canvas prints are also available. They are of top premium quality, and are superb handcrafted heavyweight 100% cotton. Handstretched over a 4.7cm deep wooden frame, neatly finished with backing tape.
Canvas prints
30 x 20 cm = £87.50
30 x 30 cm = £92.50
76 x 50 cm = £132.50.
The cost of delivery for prints is = £7.00
The cost of delivery for canvasprints is = £15.00
Please add the cost of delivery to your payment.
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